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Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, which one for linux users?

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  • Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, which one for linux users?

    Okay, so the next generation of media is coming. My concern is that we are going to get some new encryption that we won't have a DVD-John for. Which, if any, do you think will have any or better linux support? I suspect that Sony is going to end up in the dirt picking up some teeth after this tussle; Blu-Ray seems like something the industry will have to exert much more effort to integrate, unlike HD-DVD which is cheaper and easier to incorporate. But aside from which one will or won't work; which one does the linux community want to win?

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    I wouldn't even think about getting either until the format is well established (not to mention the price drop below $200). My personal preference right now is HD-DVD, just because the price should be lower AFAIK.

    Frankly though, DVD is high enough quality for me, and I don't see myself doing backups on any sort of optical discs anytime soon.

    My guess is Blu-Ray will more likely become the standard. It seems to have a lot more industry support.

    Anyway, there's a fairly interesting comparison of the two formats here.


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      I'm not afraid of the technical side of things, since every DRM-scheme will be cracked when its time comes (and if it takes quantum computing to factor primes at linear speed, there WILL be a point of time in history when everything we consider "secure" these days is obsolete) - but I'm _very_ afraid of the legal situation we're about to slide in ever deeper.
      It's already PITA to be able to consume content protected by the (almost trivial) CS-System (most commercial DVD's protection scheme) because of DMCA and equivalent pro-megacorp-laws in Europe, and will prove more and more difficult in the future, since "Intellectual Property" upholders are on a jurisidictional frenzy to implement even sicker penalties on actions originally guaranteed by Fair Use.

      I use DVD for backup purposes only, and so I'll sit back, wait and let the dust settle before I actually buy a drive capable of writing HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, or possibly both of them. Which one wins the format wars to come, I don't really care that much about.


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        One of the items to keep in mind about Blu-Ray DVD support under Linux is that the Sony PlayStation 3 will pre-install Linux on the hard-drive. Though, to what extent the Blu-Ray drive will be supported under Linux is not known at this time.
        Michael Larabel


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          Well, Plextor just announced a blue-ray drive, and I don't see them siding with a loser

          Honestly though, I still don't have a DVD burner at home. I'm about to pick up a PX-760A as the last generation DVD burner to care about, and just wait a couple years for the next gen to mature.

          Maybe I'll pickup a blue-ray for work to do a quarterly backup, otherwise I only have enough space to save about 2 months of backups.


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            I knew a guy named Blu-Ray in college.


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              Disk Boot Error after installing second harddrive improperly

              Well, I just keep on getting a "BOOT DISK ERROR" When the machine boots up.

              Well, my original drive was set to be Cable Select...
              The new drive I was adding was set to be a Slave...
              Problem was, I (Not realising what I was doing) hooked the slave up to the first connector on my IDE cable, and my original drive to the second connector on my IDE cable. The machine only picked up the newly added drive, which made me realise my grievous error. I quickly switched the cables around, and recieved a "BOOT DISK ERROR". Throw in a Windows XP CD and everything works fine, leave it out, and the BOOT DISK ERROR returns. I'm pretty sure that a reformat and a clean install would fix the problem, but is there some other way around this?