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4GB SDHC Memory Cards: OCZ vs. Crucial

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  • 4GB SDHC Memory Cards: OCZ vs. Crucial

    Phoronix: 4GB SDHC Memory Cards: OCZ vs. Crucial

    Have you been searching for a Secure Digital card that is able to accommodate all of the pictures you take on your next vacation or looking for more storage on your Internet tablet? If so, you have likely come across the latest Secure Digital High Capacity cards that overcome the earlier 2GB capacity limitation of traditional Secure Digital cards. However, there are just so many SDHC cards on the market and they are all priced similarly from different manufacturers, so what should you choose? At hand today in this weekend review are two 4GB SDHC cards from OCZ and Crucial.

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    And whats the write performance?


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      why didnt you use raw+jpeg settings on that nikon d40x and see how many pictures it takes in so many seconds (say 30)
      which would give a good idea of what kind of performance
      one could expect when writing a few files?