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Tagan BZ 900W Power Supply

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  • Tagan BZ 900W Power Supply

    Phoronix: Tagan BZ 900W

    The last time we had looked at a Tagan power supply was last October when exploring the Tagan ITZ 1300W and comparing it to Thermaltake's ToughPower 1200W power supply. While most enthusiasts don't need power supplies in excess of 1,000 Watts, for those that do the ITZ 1300W did perform admirably but its voltage rails did fluctuate some, though it did have the "WOW" factor on its side thanks to the stunning paint job. Since then Tagan released a new power supply, which has a maximum power output of 900W, boasts six +12V rails, and is modular with LED indicators for each cable. This new power supply is the Tagan BZ 900W, and today we are reviewing it at Phoronix.

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    Not keen on this design.

    They are using male connectors for power output, which means that (eg) a carelessly dropped screw could fall into an unused connector and cause a short.

    This has been mentioned to Tagan after another review on a forum I visit, and I understand this will be addressed in the next revision.


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      One lump or two?

      Yea, we wouldn't want a short...... I don't know that much about electricity, but is that a safety hazard? Might not be too bad if you only tie into one of the six rails, but what if you have it in turbo mode? Talk about a 'WOW' factor.