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The KDE Improv Project Has Announced Its End

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    Originally posted by oliver View Post
    (disclaimer: the 3.3 mil is straight from olimex themselves, so take that as you will).
    Can you provide a link or a quote for this ? I am quite surprised too.
    I know Olimex for I own several smaller ?C boards from them and appreciate their products, but I cannot imagine such amounts of sales for this board.

    As far as indivuals are concerned, there are (very roughly) 500 posts on Olimex A10 forum, whereas there are almost 500 thousands posts on Raspberry forum.
    And as far as companies are concerned, I cannot imagine any company making a mass product (in the million range!) with this board (or any board). AFAIK, a quick redesign is always needed: add this port, remove those ports, modify the shape of the board, change the position of these connectors... and save the cost of the benefit of the original dev board maker (times n.106).


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      Originally posted by brent View Post
      I find this extremely hard to believe. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has sold over 3 million boards by now. If Olimex had sold more than that, we'd hear about their boards everywhere, but we don't. In fact there isn't really a community around these Olimex boards, they don't appear to be popular at all.
      With the Raspberry-Pi getting all this unjustifiable attention, it's not hard to miss other products. You should look this project up.

      It would seem that in our English-biased Western world, we miss a lot of the fun stuff that we used to do ('hand-made' software and hardware and not COTS) that the Eastern Euro's constantly cook up.


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        Originally posted by blackout23 View Post
        Well he lives in Z?rich, which isn't exactly the cheapest place to live.
        It's not like everyone in Z?rich have $200k to throw around.

        Anyway, I hope this isn't a total loss. I like Aaron, and what the KDE guys are doing. I just prefer GTK applications.


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          Where one fails, two new would appear.

          This market is emerging and where one project fails, two new would appear and succeed. For example, aren't boards are neat in terms of size, price and features? Little, almost wrist-watch sized CPU module haves impressive set of interfaces, comparable to full-fledged desktops. And there're more boards like this. Its quite dynamic market and those who can do it fast, cheap and featured will be in advantage. So no need to cry - its just competition. Sorry, but these who can do it fast, featured and cheap about to take their places on the market. This is normal process for sure.


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            Cubox-i exists with those SoCs and it's not a market hit. Most SoCs like this supports Android but when it comes to desktop Linux there are things missing, unsupported as not everything have been open-sourced etc. Comparing Celeron J1900 and all those ARMs there is a big difference if you want something for harder work on non-Android OS.


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              Always seemed to me like it was almost a success, to the point it just needed a little more, then ground to a halt, before it generated enough negative publicity and questions to keep it from working out.