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  • Overclocking Software for Linux

    I was looking for a thread that contains a list of all the overclocking software available in Linux. Is there anything like that put together?

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    No list that I have seen, it would be a great collection for the Phoronix Forums though the list would be limited. Are you interested in CPU or GPU overclocking?
    Michael Larabel


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      I'm actually interested mainly in CPU overclocking, but of course both. I have an Nvidia card (as seen in the sig). I just thought having all these types of applications (no matter what hardware) in one place would be helpful.


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        - NVClock
        - CoolBits (built into NVIDIA's drivers since 1.0-7667 IIRC)


        - Rovclock (not really maintained)
        - OverDrive support hopefully on the horizion


        I'll have to do some additional checking, I haven't seen any noteworthy ones at least lately.
        Michael Larabel


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          Hopefully this article will be able to clarify a few things about overclocking software for Linux.

          In 2005 we had featured several articles on the state of NVIDIA graphics card overclocking under Linux. In early 2005 the only option for Linux users was NVClock. The open-source NVClock was started by Roderick Colenbrander in 2001 and since then has been evolving. However, coming out in June of 2005 from the NVIDIA camp was CoolBits support for their alternative operating system drivers. This feature was certainly revolutionary for Linux gamers and enthusiasts. However, after a recent inquiry on the Phoronix Forums, this article has been constructed to spell out a few things about overclocking software available for GNU/Linux.
          Michael Larabel


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            Good stuff Michael. I enjoyed the article a lot. Sadly, I don't feel I have a need to overclock my GPU, but I know where to look in the future.


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              Looks like this article and topic made it to the front page of Slashdot recently.... not bad:

              Of course most people there are saying they would rather see better graphics drivers. I tend not to look at it the same way though. I see no reason why you can't start to have both drivers and overclocking software independent of how one or the other works. You have to start somewhere, and it's only a matter of time before Linux graphics drivers improve at a much faster pace. No sense in waiting around for it.
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                While this isn't necessarily for overclocking, I found this new project (to me anyway) called Linux Test Project. Here is some information on what this package can do:
                Originally posted by LTP Howto
                Linux Test Project (LTP) is an open source project with a goal to deliver test suites to the open source community that validate the reliability, robustness, and stability of Linux. The LTP test suite is a collection of automated and semi-automated tests for testing various aspects of the Linux operating system.
                Originally posted by LTP Howto
                Contents of the LTP test suite

                The top level directory or LTP rootdirectory ./ltp-yyyymmdd contains SHELL scripts and various source directories. These scripts may be used to execute the test cases, the scripts execute the test cases using the test driver called pan.

                The test suite requires that certain users and groups (For example User:nobody Group:nobody.) exist on the system. This script will create these users and groups. This script is called from the top level Makefile located in the LTP root directory.
                This driver script runs a majority of tests in the LTP. It can also be easily modified to run a custom list of tests if required.
                By default, this script will execute:

                * filesystem stress tests
                * disk I/O tests
                * memory management stress tests
                * ipc stress
                * scheduler tests
                * commands functional varification tests
                * system call functional varification tests

                The script is named but it does not run all the tests in the LTP.
                This script executes the networking related tests. Before executing this script, two environment variables must be set RHOST (Remote Host Name) and PASSWD (root password of the remote host).
                This script executes tests related to floppy and CD-ROM drives. These tests require that a floppy disk and CD-ROM media be present in the respective drives.
                Looks like this project could be helpful to us.


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                  Time to dig up this thread... so has anybody found any cpu overclocking software for linux yet?