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Coreboot Now Supports The Lenovo Thinkpad T520

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  • Coreboot Now Supports The Lenovo Thinkpad T520

    Phoronix: Coreboot Now Supports The Lenovo Thinkpad T520

    There's been a lot of new hardware to become supported by Coreboot lately while the newest addition is the handling of the Lenovo Thinkpad T520...

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    ThinkPad T510 please.


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      Thanks to the Zaolin and the other Coreboot developers for this! I wonder if my W520 is sufficiently similar to the T520 for this to work. I'm really tempted to try, but my BIOS chip has already been fried 4 times from changing the NVIDIA Optimus setting too many times.


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        It would be great if somebody would port it to some more of the Acer laptop models. I have an Acer Aspire 6930 I'm going to be willing to experiment with as soon as I finish buying the parts for my new desktop.


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          HP 635 and TP Edge E145 please. More SuperIO support. More chips w. flashrom support!
          Oh well. I wish it was so easy.
          Even though I won't be using these Sandybridge laptops still good job.
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