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  • SilverStone Milo ML06

    Phoronix: SilverStone Milo ML06

    For those in need of an attractive yet modestly priced mini-ITX HTPC enclosure for a new AMD AM1 system or other mini-ITX Linux build, the Milo ML06 chassis from SilverStone is worth considering.

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    These AM1 boards are very cute, but...

    All of them are VERY short on PCIe lanes. Chip jhas those 8 lanes in total, which have to be distributed somehow.

    Which means that boards with more I/O have less expansion connectors, so you might very well get into situation where some unused chip on the board is sitting on the PCIe lane you need for something else.

    So it all boils down to if you can live with cheapest board with PCIex4 + 2*PCIe *1 or not. You can plug in two extra good Intel-based NICs and perhaps HBA card for 4 or 8 extra SATA disks etc.

    If your needs are even one iota over this, you muight be better of with some FM2+ board.

    Few W and few quids more, but much less constrained.


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      Michael you have WD10EZEX, is that has so loud rotation for you also? Is there i way to silence that awfull rotation somehow?

      I guees that is aceptible for people with gaming rigs , but right now with my silent AM1 setup i think i will throw mine WD10EZEX with the smile .
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        the slot drive is my concern

        Having built an HTPC recently with another case designed for a slot drive, I have a real problem with the limited supply of suitable slot drives. I know that Silverstone offers their own slot drive for this and other cases they design, but their price for a slot drive is almost twice the price of a regular height drive. Plus the speed of slot drives is almost half that of full height drives. If I were buying Silverstone, I'd get the ML-04 just to be able to use a regular drive at a reasonable cost.


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          You do realize you installed the PSU upside down right?