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Mini-Box M350: A Simple, Affordable Mini-ITX Case

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  • Mini-Box M350: A Simple, Affordable Mini-ITX Case

    Phoronix: Mini-Box M350: A Simple, Affordable Mini-ITX Case

    If you are looking for a very compact enclosure that can handle a mini-ITX motherboard and up to two 2.5-inch hard drives while measuring in at just 192 x 210 x 62 mm, the Mini-Box M350 might be the performance case for your needs.

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    It can be for AMD AM1 ITX boards too, few days ago i watching this review he uses same M350 case .
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      This seems to be a nice htpc case.

      But would a 3.5" HDD fit inside?


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        Interesting. I've been thinking of building a Mini-ITX for my next telecommuting box, and this was one of the cases that showed up online.

        Would be nice to have something slightly larger that can fit a 3.5" HDD too, but it seems that anything which can also wants you to use an ATX PSU and inevitably becomes much larger as a result.


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          I was considering this for a fanless HTPC but I'm now leaning more towards the Morex 557:
          It mostly looks the same and about the same size. However, the front and vent holes look better in my opinion. It'd be nice if it's upgraded to support USB 3.0 though.


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            This is a great little case. Not exactly stylish, but very functional. Combine it with a PicoPSU if your motherboard only has an ATX connector instead of on-board power.

            The review missed a few nice extra features of the M350:

            2x front USB 2.0 ports (hidden; for WiFi and/or wireless accessory receivers)

            - Power Connector Pre-drilled hole (The PicoPSU DC jack mounts perfectly)
            - WiFi antenna mount (push the metal cover out with a screwdriver)

            The fan mount on the front fits a 40x40x20 or 40x40x10 fan (as does the HDD mounting bracket)

            The HDD bracket can be fitted in three positions for extra compatibility with tall components (left, middle, right with backpanel facing you)


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              In this size category i prefer the LC-Power 1350MI


              Includes a very nice 72W AC/DC Converter and DC/DC converter.

              It can have a Slim ODD (includes slim SATA power connector) + 2.5" SSD/HDD (Seagate already is making standard z-height 2TB HDDs)


              a 3.5" HDD depending of CPU/APU cooler.


              two 2.5" SSD/HDD (needs modification/extension for power second drive)


              one 2.5" SSD/HDD + one 3.5" HDD (needs modification/extension for power second drive and 3.5" depends of CPU/APU cooler)

              Mounting points for two 40x40x10 cooling fans.

              A build log from one of my builds using it:


              Expect several modifications to it in next 1-2 weekends


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                It doesn't come with power supply/brick so you have to buy PicoPSU or alike which aren't very cheap - to a point were other cases with power supplies became noticeably cheaper


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                  I absolutely love the M350 case. I've been using it a lot recently. The only downside I could think of is that with some motherboards the cable for PowerButton/PowerLED is just slightly too short.
                  Also, it does not have an accessible Front-USB, but that's not a major problem. Could be solved by a USB-Hub in the display or by a USB 3.0 Dock

                  The internal hidden USB ports in front are perfect for the Logitech Unifying receiver. If you use a small extension dongle from Logitech (Image) this will improve reception distance greatly.

                  The great thing about the M350 Case is that a Core i3/i5/i7 Intel Boxed CPU Fan fits perfectly in it! This will however make mounting a 2,5" HDD somewhat more difficult with most mainboards, but if you're not using mSATA HDDs these days you are doing something wrong so this it not a problem either.

                  Originally posted by riklaunim View Post
                  It doesn't come with power supply/brick so you have to buy PicoPSU or alike which aren't very cheap - to a point were other cases with power supplies became noticeably cheaper
                  This is only a problem if you start with the wrong motherboard to begin with.
                  • ASUS Q87T
                  • ASUS H81T
                  • Gigabyte GA-H81TN
                  • Gigabyte GA-B85TN
                  • Gigabyte GA-H87T
                  • Gigabyte GA-Q87TN
                  • ASRock H81TM-ITX

                  Those are all powered by a 19V external Laptop-PSU. I typically use 65W or 90W Dell PSUs which I can get from Amazon Marketplace or eBay for about 20-25€.
                  Mini ITX Cases with internal PSUs typically also have a 40x40mm PSU Fan. And those are not the kind of fan that are quiet...
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                    Thin Mini-ITX are handy and... thin, but they don't make a lot of them. I've recently bought Asrock Q1900B-ITX and I'm planning to put it in a LP-301 Proton/Loop case. It comes with a PSU and a power brick. The whole thing is fanless but if it would need cooling I'm thinking about putting a 200 or 180 mm fan on the side to just blow through the whole case at low RPM. Aside of that one of Asrock display units that got photographed also had 19V jack and not the ATX connector. I wonder why they changed it. Maybe because someone would want to use a 500W graphics card on that PCIe2 1x ?

                    There are also some interesting boards from China: like although the prices aren't lower than other thin mini-itx boards from known brands. Cool is that they also have custom ultra small sizes for some CPUs.