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Razer Barracuda AC-1 Preview

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  • Razer Barracuda AC-1 Preview

    Well, the much anticipated question in regards to whether the Razer Barracuda AC-1 can work with GNU/Linux has now been answered! In this preview we expose what audio processor is really used by the gaming sound card along with a greater number of details.

    The Razer Barracuda AC-1 promises "pinpoint specific audio sound cues in-game with 38% greater accuracy than conventional soundcards, providing for the ultimate gaming experience," but is this the truth? After this week's official launch of the Barracuda AC-1 we have our hands on this new sound card and today are offering up a preview. In this preview we expose what audio processor is really is at the heart of the Barracuda AC-1!

    Phoronix LCH:
    Michael Larabel

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    I really hope Razer breaks Creative's stinking monopoly, I've grown very tired of their current APU's.


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      I don't understand why you previewed a gaming sound card. Linux may be everything but it isn't a gaming platform! That's what MS Windows is (good) for. And that's what the Barracuda AC-1 has been created for. Therefore, I think a preview of, for example, Auzen's X-Meridian would've been better.


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        To say that GNU/Linux is not a gaming platform is a gross mistake, to say the least! GNU/Linux is an EXCELLENT gaming O.S., only hampered by the fact that developers do not spend as much time as they should porting and optimizing more games. Winbloze simply cannot compare with its inefficient scheduler, bug-infested kernel and non-modular GUI.


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          I wasn't referring to the technical aspect of the OS, but to the simple fact that most PC games out on the marked are only made available for Windows. Period. Therefore, for a serious PC gamer the OS to go for is Windows- and most PC gamers do use Windows, anyway.

          I only tried a few games on Linux but either had major problems or they simply weren't running as smooth as they are on Windows (mostly referring to features here, like full surround sound and realtime Dolby Digital encoding).

          Linux is an excellent OS, that's for sure- and that's why I use it! But there are things where it isn't the best choice. Who's to blame for it I don't care. If it isn't working, than that's about it. And gaming is such a point where Linux isn't really the best choice. Therefore, I was a little bit astonished to see a preview of a pure gaming sound card on Phoronix and I still think a review of a "normal" sound card like the one I mentioned above would've been a better choice.


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            All articles at Phoronix are catered to GNU/Linux users. With many fed up by Creative Labs' monopoly, users are looking for alternatives and one of the hopefuls was the Barracuda AC-1.Thus a preview was given to show GNU/Linux users what to expect if they were anticipating on picking up one. With our target audience being GNU/Linux gamers and enthusiasts, it only seemed logical to check out the Razer Barracuda AC-1.
            Michael Larabel


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              I see your point here, Michael. But ? correct me if I'm wrong ? the features the Barracuda AC-1 comes along with are mainly based on MS' Windows system. I'd be glad if someone would break the wall and finally publish hardware with not only fully driver support for Windows but also for *nix systems . But I couldn't see that this would be Razor in this case. Once again, you are the one who has more insight into this, so correct me if I'm wrong.

              I'm also long fed up with Creative- that's why I don't use their hardware anymore. But it didn't look to me like that Razor's Barracuda AC-1, as a pure gaming sound card, would be any exception, making its features available also for other OS's. Therefore, I was a bit astonished. Well, and also I have to admit, I had an eye on Auzen's X-Meridian, so I'd welcome a review of this card.

              Other than this, I really like you side and I visit it regular, so keep the great work goin'!


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                Sorry, I did not mean to come off rude like that, so my apologies if you were offended. I'm just really pissed off with both the companies that fail to make a business case to port their games to GNU/Linux and those APU manufacturers that_just_don't_have_the_guts to take on Creative. Anyway, there's also another audio manufacturer which got my attention recently:



                So far it looks good on paper and appears to use the same APU from C-Media.