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SanDisk 64GB Serial ATA 3.0 SSD On Ubuntu Linux

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    Originally posted by Tgui View Post
    Michael, I leave about ~20% unformatted on my SSDs as I heard this helps speed and longevity. Did you do the same?
    Not really needed any more. TRIM allows it to erase in the background, so there's no great performance benefit to having spare blocks that it can use without erasing. As for longevity, I checked my year-old SSD stats last night in my laptop, and it had been written to five times; that means I can go about 600 years before the SSD wears out.

    I'm guessing I'll be replacing the laptop before then .

    Admittedly, I do put /tmp and /var/log on a RAM disk, so there isn't much being written to the SSD in normal operation. However, it's encrypted, so the SSD can't use any fancy compression tricks to reduce the number of writes.


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      Only one little Samsung 840 EVO question.....

      Mr. Larabel,
      Very good information review, nice setup, too.
      The question: In your second page that compared SSDs is said:
      "Samsung 840 EVO MZ-7TE120BWSSS - A Serial ATA 3.0 Samsung SLC SSD with 120GB of storage."

      I have looked over the Samsung site data specifications, but I think the 840 EVO 120GB is a Toggle DDR (MLC) and no a SLC.
      (But I could be wrong, anyway.....)
      AMD FX-6300 X6 Core CPU (3.5GHz), MSI Mobo, 8GB DDR3-1866 Ram,
      64GB SuperSSpeed GoldHyper S301 SLC SSD, 150GB VelociRaptor 10,000rpm, Barracuda 1TB,7200rpm,
      Sapphire 6670 Graphic Card,Ubuntu "PrecisePangolin" 12.04LTS (No games!)