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washed usb flash drive :D (SanDisk Cruzer)

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  • washed usb flash drive :D (SanDisk Cruzer)

    today i did the most stupid things of my life. my usb flash drive was left forgotten in the trouser pocket when i had it washed. i guess it was a pretty grueling 35 minute warm water wash (standard industry grade laundry machine). and guess what! much to my surprise its still working . in fact absolutely nothing happened to it. when i was taking out the clothes out of the machine, i saw the drive and was shocked to find it. seemed dry and fine though. (i didn't even bother to dry it further as it seemed ok. i just came up and plugged it in .)

    its a sandisk cruzer 4gb btw. and as a flash drive, its awesome. very impressive read-write speeds (~25MB/s read and ~8 MB/s write). and incidentally, i have made it a bootable linux live disk. and at the moment, i am writing this post booted from this very same washed drive . must also say that its pure bliss running linux from this drive. no rotation sounds like hard drive. no heat. and the best part is the boot speed. true fast random access makes this 25 MB/s flash drive look way way better and snappy than the 35 MB/s hard drive.