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2013 Holiday Shopping Guide For Linux PC Hardware

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  • 2013 Holiday Shopping Guide For Linux PC Hardware

    Phoronix: 2013 Holiday Shopping Guide For Linux PC Hardware

    As last year's What Linux Users Need To Know When Holiday Shopping For PC Hardware article was quite popular, here's my thoughts on the latest PC components and recommendations for those that may be purchasing (or hoping to receive) new computer hardware this holiday season and intend to use it on Linux.

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    I found this article cluttered, unorganized and difficult to read. It's one of the rare Phoronix articles that might have actually been better if it had been broken into more pages (as opposed to having 13 pages with 2 graphs on them to encourage Premium subscriptions). The pictures didn't really help or add anything either. I won't comment on the excessive linking to previous articles since that's a beloved Phoronix tradition...

    I really like how TR does system guides:

    EDIT: it's a bit odd to refer to Haswell as a "CPU upgrade" when it requires a new mobo (unless upgrading the mobo is considered standard for a CPU "upgrade", which it may very well be for modern Intel CPU's).
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      probably worth noting that all the unlocked haswell CPUs have many features disabled(e.g, VT-D, which is a fairly important feature for a lot of linux folk)


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        he's advocating SilverStone over Chieftec? Wtf is wrong with Michael...


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          Thanks for the nice article.

          I could also recommend the Roccat mice and keyboards. Most of their products have work nicely on Linux and some of them even have GUIs which you can compile on LInux.


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            I have to agree with DanL; this article looks more like a mix of last week?s articles than a buying guide. In fact I just skimmed it since I?m used to text in phoronix articles not containing any useful and/or readable info.


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              So for all intensive purposes, the system is basically bricked.
              "intents and purposes"


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                Originally posted by dcc24 View Post
                "intents and purposes"
                Dang, I was going to point that out but you beat me to it.


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                  What about AMD APUs?

                  Like having the APU and a discrete card etc.? Those AXX look really interesting to me, but I didn't dare getting one yet.