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ASUS WL-500g Premium 802.11g

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  • ASUS WL-500g Premium 802.11g

    What sets the ASUS WL500g Premium apart from other wireless routers? Well, thanks to the innovative technology found in the WL500g Premium, it can be transformed into a wireless storage center. Using the ASUS Download Master, files can be directly downloaded to any USB external hard drive connected directly to the router without the need for any computer to be powered up. Not only does the WL-500g Premium support traditional HTTP file downloads, but also supported is FTP and BitTorrent! Other networking innovations include Plug n' Share for turning an attached hard drive into an FTP server, smooth media sharing, and 802.11g connectivity. The bonus of this router is, however, the fact that the firmware is open-source and uses Linux!
    Slide over Linksys WRT54G The WL-500g Premium boasts some great features including being Linux-based and is open-source. There is already some great custom firmware for these ASUS WLAN routers, and some sites devoted to the modding, etc...
    Michael Larabel