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  • SilverStone Milo ML04

    Phoronix: SilverStone Milo ML04

    In the past at Phoronix we have looked at the SilverStone Milo ML01, ML02, and ML03 HTPC enclosures, which all were nice and lived up to the prestigious SilverStone name we have come to expect over the years. When the opportunity arose to look at the Milo ML04 revision, of course I was very interested to see what the talented SilverStone designers envisioned to make a home theater PC chassis even better.

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    Yea, I wish I had one of those instead of the el cheapo case I have right now for my HTPC. That one is pretty horrible in terms of airflow, because there are only ports for small fans, and not for cooling the GPU. It was also designed without a modular PSU in mind, and I suspect that the way I had to twist the wires (and use a hammer on the ODD enclosure, by the way) makes it somewhat unstable (it sometimes refuses to wake up after going to suspend). Sigh. On the other hand, the ventilation issues are also partly due to the overkill powerhouse components in the system...

    Also, about the case in this article, that's way too many drive bays. I agree with Michael. These days you don't need anything above 2. One for the HDD and another one for reserve (so you could plug another HDD, or a fan controller, or a card reader for Lib-ray movies). ODDs are pointless.


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      HTPCs are the only exception which stil need an optical bluray drive. How else are you supposed to watch your bought DVDs/Blurays?


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        Michael, thanks for posting this. I was looking for case ideas for a couple of Kaveri builds and ran across this article at just the right time.

        Since I'm really bad at cable finessing I decided to spend a few $$ extra for a Silverstone 450W SFX modular PSU, which is only 100mm deep. The result was a case that looked big and empty on the the inside even with a microATX mobo, PSU, optical drive and HDD. The wiring is my usual mess but not enough to interfere with the airflow.
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          BTW a tip on wiring: I recommend velcro strips.

          They bind as well as cable ties, but opening them is much, much less of a hassle (and doesn't require blood sacrifice either!)


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            Great idea, thanks !

            I was about to start cutting up an old bicycle inner tube to make re-useable ties, so this is good timing
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