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Google's Chromecast Already Exploited

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    Or this.

    Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
    There are alternatives to raspberry pi. Alternatives that are actually useful (rPi is so underpowered that it is practically useless for anything except controlling a board full of relays).

    This one gets my vote:
    Yes, its a little bit more expensive than an rPi. 4.25x the price.
    But it gives you about a THOUSAND times the... everything.
    the version with 1GB mem just cost $69.


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      Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
      At the same time, unlike the good ol' cable, due to its wireless nature it's not as reliable and causes interference. Where I live, there is already so much interference that the actual home wireless network of mine doesn't reach the upper floor... Also, a cable is capable of showing everything, not just some webpages and some types of media. And it doesn't use any power, to boot.
      That is why I said "almost" If it supported either miracast, samba, or DLNA I would get it.