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Tagan 1300W & Thermaltake 1200W

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  • Tagan 1300W & Thermaltake 1200W

    Phoronix: Tagan 1300W & Thermaltake 1200W

    There used to be a time where 600W power supplies were considered overkill for all but the craziest of enthusiasts, modders, and overclockers. When the 850W PC Power & Cooling unit was released a long time ago, owners regarded it as a rare gem. It was both unaffordable and overly extravagant, and virtually no system was able to stress it to the limit. But now, we are finally in the kilowatt era. Today we have two members from the kilowatt club: the Tagan ITZ 1300W and the Thermaltake ToughPower 1200W. The ITZ line Tagan's newest flagship line of power supplies meant to carry Tagan into the industry spotlight. The last Tagan power supply we reviewed was the Tagan TurboJet 1100W. Its unusual packaging and high quality finish impressed us. However, while the performance was by no means lacking, we would have a hard time claiming it to be outstanding. We shall see if this unit steps up to the challenge. Aside from the 1500W behemoth that was recently released by Thermaltake, the ToughPower 1200W is their highest-end power supply. Thermaltake power supplies have always performed well. They have never been known to be the ultimate power supplies, but their performance has been better than many brands on the market. This unit is longer than the average power supply and features a huge 14cm fan.

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    thats too much. Hardly anyone needs a psu that large