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    Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
    You're a bit too late, actually, the flame war ended 6 posts ago. Now let's not derail the thread further, shall we?
    The flamewar is never over with you guys -.- These boards are like trying to herd cats.
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      Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
      The amount of money the tobacco and oil companies have contributed to drive the global economy can outclass just about any other industry. By your 'holier than thou' standards, those industries deserve to close shop because they are unethical. Typical selfish thinking.
      Sonadow accusing someone of selfish thinking....


      dee. thanks for posting and for the values you stand, mate!


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        Originally posted by Ericg View Post
        Dee.... you shouldn't have posted that PM. Its a "Private Message" for a reason. Want to yell at him for it? Good, do it in private.
        Hehe, I find it kind of ironic that you post this on Phoronix, of all places... because it seems to me that Phoronix has a rich tradition of publishing private communications...

        But yeah, I mainly did it to discourage people from sending me low-blow ad hominem insults over the pm, then acting all holier-than-thou on the forums, because that's really a type of behaviour I can't stand... if it's unreasonable, someone can just delete the post from the forums or whatever, I don't mind. And, of course, if I have acted against the rules of this forum, I'm willing to receive whatever punishment the moderation deems necessary.


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          If you're the recipient, you're allowed to publish any communication. That's the law in the EU.


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            Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
            That I have to agree. Yesterday I was out shopping for a replacement keyboard + mouse after having accidentally dumped a whole pitcher of water over my existing hardware and spent some time comparing between a Logitech wireless combo package and a Microsoft wireless combo package. (it did not kill the keyboard but I just wanted to have an excuse to get a new keyboard...)

            The Microsoft set had a bigger keyboard with higher keys that provided much better 'squishiness' than the Logitech and its mouse was both larger and had a higher curvature than the tiny mouse offered by the Logitech package. And the Microsoft set cost only about $4 - 5 more than the Logitech set. Twas a no brainer; picked the Microsoft set without any further hesitation.
            We have very different ideas of what makes a good keyboard. I'm using an apple bluetooth keyboard since my apple wired AL mini keyboard died. I have no use for a number pad at home, and hate full stroke keys. I really like the good thinkpad keyboards and these apple keyboards were the closest thing I could find.

            As for the mice, i know at least all of the keypresses will work in linux when i buy a logitech product. Sure the gaming keyboards with the screens are one thing, but a simple 9 button mouse works just fine.

            If I ever start playing RPGMMOs again, I'll likely look at the gaming pad that logitech has, as it should be better supported than belkin's nastromo.