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    Originally posted by curaga View Post
    /me is confused, with the people photo I prefer the above result, with the wind-wheel-thingy the lower one.
    Hehe, don't be. The photo I uploaded should be 12Mpix. I didn't autofocus or shot this for reason, only for myself, so sorry for the quality.

    The thing is - the windy-wheel epson produces is so crap quality, you can see individual step-like ladders.
    That says two things:
    The interpolation epson driver does is at least 8 times crappier than that of gutenprint.
    The printhead passes amount epson does is at least two times less than gutenprint.

    Overall it looks like this:
    + much much better color mixing (look and compare black tones)
    + much better yellow usage (epson photo is "cold"
    + much much better interpolation detail
    + much better resolution, much finer droplets

    + printed quicker

    I could really make a poster with Gutenprint driver and give it as a gift, and be sure the receiver will not distiguish if its from photolabor or printer. And thats done with pigment inks!
    With epson driver, office text is the only usage I can think of.

    Now epson has open driver, and it has closed driver. Granted, gutenprint is both open and kicks open epson driver butt, where do you think my donation money will go?

    Originally posted by chithanh View Post
    Samsung does not produce "truly dumb" GDI printers any more I think. Though they used to, the ML-4500 was one such example. Even the cheap modern laser printers speak SPL/QPDL printer languages which were reverse engineered by the splix and foo2qpdl projects. Unfortunately a few printer models seem to speak a SPL/QPDL dialect which is not or not fully understood yet, so are unsupported or produce bad quality prints.
    Well, you know my history, I have almost puchased laser, but didn't. All recalculated, its not suitable for my needs.
    But the times when I used laser, it was HP Laserjet 4L I think, they spoke PCL. So, I assume you mean some proprietary language now. Must dig into laser area more Thanks for info!
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