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Hardware Expectations For Valve's Steam Box

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    This conclusion is definitely wrong. The Ivy Bridge die is smaller and therefore the heatspreader does not work so well as with a bigger die (Amd ones are definitely BIGGER). Also those speed records are done with unlocked amd chips which have only 1/4 of the integrated cores enabled at all (ok, for Intel this is possible as well). Intel has got K cpus but the maximum multiplier allowed is now 63 (Sandy Bridge 57). As the base clock can only be raised by 10% usually this means the max. is around 7 ghz even with liquid nitrogen. I think Haswell will allow up to 77x, lets see how well it works.
    The conclusion is right. The problem with ivy Bridge is not die size but low quality materials and poor design (no fluxless solder)

    There are lots of videos on internet explaining how to remove the IHS for cleaning the stock bad quality TIM and substituting it by high-quality TIM.

    The AMD world record of overclocking that I was mentioning has the eight cores enabled

    Yes Haswell promised revolutionary overclocking... well it also promised us more than 10% gain in performance and better performance per watt but tests are showing other things


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      Steam Machine vs Xbox One vs PS4

      I was doing research on the Steam Machine's specs and price and how it compared to the Xbox One and PS4. I am not the best with specs so can anyone tell me if the facts I gave in this post are legitimate: