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Looking for a byte-size based scheduling wireless router/switch

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  • Looking for a byte-size based scheduling wireless router/switch


    A while ago I've read about bytesize scheduling that was easy to do on Linux-box-turned-into-router computers, but that all expensive Linux based routers simply sucked at implementing this correctly. Instead of package type priority, the scheduling had multiple levels of priority per time, and each level had packages handed to them by a sorter, depending on bytesizes of packages. I can't even find anything about that type of scheduling on Google/DuckDuckgo/etc.

    Now the problem I have is (you guessed it) that the bandwith of my internet connection is OK for me, but the amount of people using this connection wirelessly, sucks massive balls. On top of that, the router can't handle the amount of connections, or something. (don't ask; it's not about how much connections there are simultaniously -- yeah)

    So what I want to buy/look for, is a bytesized scheduling wireless router/switch (switch in case I need to hook it up to the shitrouter the ISP send us). This way; small responsive stuff stays responsive, and unresponsive download stuff doesn't need to wait any longer per given time period.

    So no, I am not looking for "Please give my gaming stuff more bandwith priority", and instead I'm looking for a smart scheduler that makes the intarwebs look like I just ordered Google Fibre to my mommy and daddy.