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Using Computers To Open Beer

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  • Using Computers To Open Beer

    Phoronix: Using Computers To Open Beer

    Earlier this week Intel threw some great events aside from the Intel Developer Forum itself. On Tuesday night was the PCI Express 2.0 launch party, which was a phenomenal event. The PCI Express 2.0 party took place at Jillians across the street from the Moscone Center and featured a few gifts, casino gaming, raffles, and excellent food accompanied by great drinks all for free. It is certainly a great way to celebrate PCI Express 2.0! On both Tuesday and Wednesday evening, Intel had also hosted a reception during their IDF Technology Showcase, which consisted of free food, beer, and wine while browsing the different vendor booths. Thursday marked the end of the Intel Developer Forum with a drop in attendance for IDF on the last day, but we ended it with a bang thanks to a mini Phoronix bash. During that, innovative ways for opening beer bottles were demonstrated. Interested in finding out how you can open a beer bottle (or most any glass bottle for that matter) using a range of computer parts from a motherboard to RAM and even a USB mouse? We documented these steps with plenty of pictures as well as sharing which hardware doesn't convert into a bottle opener so easily.

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    Nice idea, but poor technique.

    Learn how to open a beer with a cigarette lighter, and you'll find many of these items much easier. If it involves "minutes of wrangling", you're doing it wrong. The end of a USB cable for example, can open a beer in one motion.


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      Lol we'll keep that video in mind for next time.


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        I like this funny kind of opening a beer bottle