Well finally got around to building the new HTPC the other week. The final specs turned out as:

Intel Core i3-3225
Asus P8H77-M Pro motherboard (replaced the bug laden Intel DH77EB motherboard)
8 Gigs of DDR3-1600 Ram (Patriot)
Geforce GT520 (put in because of issues with video corruption with the i3 and VA-API)
Intel pci-e NIC (Realtek NICs are GARBAGE, nearly twice the throughput with the intel)
Syba PEX40008 SATA Raid controller that I flashed to be just a SATA controller without the Raid since it improves the bootup time
Fractal Design Define Mini with an additional HD cage installed
PC Power and Cooling Silencer 610
60 Gig Patriot SSD for boot
5 - Hitachi 7k3000 2 TB drives
2 - Hitachi 7k3000 3 TB drives
3 - Western Digital Black 2 TB drives
1 - Western Digital Blue 500 Gig drive (to be replaced with another 2 TB Black as soon as it arrives)

/dev/sdb1        21G  6.4G   14G  33% /
/dev/sdb2        37G  2.7G   32G   8% /home
/dev/sdg1       2.0T  1.6T  407G  80% /local/2000-5
/dev/sdd1       3.0T  3.0T  5.8G 100% /local/3000-1
/dev/sdf1       2.0T   34M  2.0T   1% /local/2000-2
/dev/sda1       2.0T  865G  1.2T  44% /local/2000-3
/dev/sdh1       2.0T  671G  1.4T  34% /local/2000-1
/dev/sde1       2.0T   81G  2.0T   5% /local/2000-4
/dev/sdc1       3.0T  3.0T  5.9G 100% /local/3000-2
/dev/sdl1       2.1T  1.4T  664G  67% /local/2000-8
/dev/sdi1       500G   34M  500G   1% /local/500-1
/dev/sdj1       2.0T  155M  2.0T   1% /local/2000-6
/dev/sdk1       2.0T  903G  1.1T  46% /local/2000-7
Still a few things to change. I want to eventually replace all the 2 TB with 3 TB (or maybe even 4's when they drop a bit more in price). If VA-API ever get's their playback up to snuff I would love to drop the video card as well. Running openSUSE 12.2 and XBMC Git on it. Pretty silent rig given everything that has been put into it. That Fractal Design case is one of the nicest and quietest cases I have seen and fits right in with the home theater setup.