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    Originally posted by curaga View Post
    But talking seriously too, the total addressable market is way too small. Say Corp A creates such a laptop for 2k and ships it with Ubuntu.

    How many of the 1% of linux users would consider it? Let's be generous and say 5%.
    Then how many of those would abandon it because a competitor offers a better keyboard/trackpad/more ports? Over half, given the tech-inclined audience.

    You just couldn't sell much of a single model. And even with a fuller range, the costs would skyrocket over the sales.
    Maybe a machine like that could attract other customers also if its well designed and does what its supposed to do well. See for example how many people switched to a Mac. And yes 2k is steep but even in the 1k range we don't have something. (Maybe the dell sputnik but thats an experiment in a way)