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System on Chip programmer and boards needed

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  • System on Chip programmer and boards needed

    Hi All

    straight up I am looking to hire someone for a 1 month mini project.
    My typical outsourcing sites are turning up blanks. This is a bit of a specialists job apparently.
    Please don't join in/post unless you are a SOCs specialist.

    I want to run BOINC (google it) on a *lot* of SOCs.
    I need you to find the boards, and to be able to program them, or better yet provide the SOC manufacturer

    the goodies and they preinstall it, ready to be delivered.

    Getting BOINC to run on a SOC is relatively easy. In short I would think it would need
    Internet connectivity - wireless, TCP/IP, dns resolution, file transfer skills
    file storage
    CPU access.
    Everything else in the OS can be cutdown. oh Linux preferred.

    Finding the SOC might be harder, and this is where I need specialists, people who have done this before.
    I want good bang for buck which in this case is a lot of CPU grunt, couple gb of RAM, connectivity to

    outside world, and not much else. Stand alone, plug in to the wall for power.
    I need to know prices and manufacturer contact details so that I can negotiate prices.
    Need a couple of different models of SOCs so that I can do comparisons.

    Drop me a line if you can do this.