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Hardware for an HTPC / NAS ?

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  • Hardware for an HTPC / NAS ?

    I want to build a new PC that will serve as a little NAS and as an HTPC
    My plan is to run on this pc freenas in a virtualbox, excellent XBMC as the media player and some little services like the logitech media server.
    Power consumption is also a concern of course.

    I found this nice case from chenbro, a bit expensive but small and perfect for a NAS :
    Chenbro ES34169 ? 120W

    But for the mother-board / cpu I don't know what to choose. I was in interested by this MB with AMD APU :
    Asus E45M1-I DELUXE , 170 euros
    not expensive, good graphics, low power consumption, but apparently not good for video with linux :

    Then, if I go to Intel, what should I use ? a board whith Ivy bridge seems the best, but it's quite expensive, and I'm lost with all their chipset.

    MSI Z77IA-E53, with Z77 chipset 157 euros, a good price as it looks like
    or this one :
    Asus P8H77-I, with H77 chipset, 105 euros, better price, but not the same chipset. What is the difference ?
    if the mother board as a UEFI Bios, will I have a problem ? I'm using mageia 2 and not planning to change to ubuntu (sorry)

    And then what CPU should I choose ? I was thinking about Intel Core i3 3220T, still 120 euros, but is it good and powerful enough ?

    Thanks a lot for your help