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  • Linux drivers for EIZO monitors - eilin

    as phoronix is a great source of information about hardware in linux world, I think this may be interesting to phoronix readers. I also hope that this way I'll find some linux users that use an EIZO monitor and who are willing to help with adding support for their monitor.

    Recently, I released a version 2.1 of eilin, an open source driver that allows controlling the EIZO monitors over USB. You can think of it as a (simpler) linux equivalent of the ScreenManager Pro. This is the first version which, in my opinion, is good enough to be published to a wider public.

    It should support all color-related settings, such as mode, brightness, contrast, gamma and others.

    eilin consists of a C library (so you can implement your own interface), a command-line utility, which is very useful for scripting (eg. I'm using a simple script that changes the mode to sRGB when I start geeqie) and a Qt-based GUI. The support for new models can be easily extended using an XML configuration file.

    However, I need help with obtaining data needed for the support of more EIZO monitors. Currently eilin supports only two monitors out-of-the-box, though possibly more models may share the same settings ? I had reports about some of the functions working on the unsupported models, too. I have described the steps needed to add support for new monitors in wiki: New Device Support.

    I hope someone will find this useful.

    PS.: I have a bigger news regarding the graphics editing software, so stay tuned. You can watch my G+ profile, where I post latest development news.

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