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  • ARM Board Home server

    Hello there,

    I'am looking for an ARM board with SATA, GPIO and Ethernet ports,
    i want to build a home server witch can run several python script, a DLNA server ( that's not top priority, but hey ! ), a Bittorrent client, a music player and probably some others things I can't think about now.
    I don't know how much power is required to run those features, and that's why i'am asking you guys !

    have a nice day !

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    It depends quite a lot whether your DLNA server also needs to transcode. If it does, you're better off with an i3 Ivy Bridge than ARM; if not, a dual-A8 should suffice.


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      I don't beleive i'll need to transcode, the point is to build something quiet and with low consumption,
      that's why i thought of arm first as we see more and more of them, and always more powerfull,
      however i have trouble finding one with accessible GPIOs ( or equivalent ) and SATA ( Gigabit ethernet is required of course )
      if you know of such a card i would be gratefull ( even more than i am now, for you reading this ! )

      thanks in advance,