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Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D sound card linux support?

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  • Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D sound card linux support?

    Just wondering is there any kind of linux support for this new sound card?

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    If you're stupid enough to buy that, then driver support is the least of your problems.


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      - Not quad-core at all: even the original SB Live! could process as many sound effects at the same time.
      - Design is based around the CA0110 PCI Express HD Audio controller with an embedded DSP and integrated DAC.
      - EAX is software based, as it is supported through Host OpenAL.
      - Pre-programmed DSP with as many sound effects you could find on any car stereo or home theater.

      -Less compatibility issues, as it basically uses simple codec drivers and all EAX gaming effects are processed in software by the system’s CPU.
      - Dedicated Headphone amplifier.
      - THX TruStudio surround sound effects are better than Creative’s CMSS3D.
      - Hardware accelerated THX TruStudio/CrystalVoice effects.
      - Microphone enhancements by CrystalVoice.

      - Really overpriced, not justifiable for such cheap design.
      - Average sound quality, even worse than some motherboard integrated HD Audio codecs.
      - Limited to 5.1 speakers and 96kHz, questionable for a cutting edge sound card, even if a gaming only card.
      - Sound Core3D is just a simple pre-programmed DSP.
      - No HDMI connector.
      - No hardware EAX acceleration.
      - No THX speaker calibration.
      - No hardware MIDI synthesizer.
      - No ASIO.
      - Control panel written in Microsoft .NET, loads slowly and wastes 50MB of RAM when minimized to tray.
      - No WHQL drivers.
      - Questionable dedicated headphone amp, as the integrated DAC is of poor quality.

      Overpriced HDA chip with simple DSP. EAX and OpenAL are "accelerated" in software.

      You better buy very old, but very good Diamond Monster Sound MX300. This should work in Linux ootb.