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  • Motherboard problem

    I have a Gigabyte ga-870-ud3 motherboard. When its winter if makes a noise throught the pc-speaker (buzzer), when it's summer it doesn't do that noise. It's my second motherboard, the first get replaced because someday stops to work, and have the same issue. Two motherboards, the same issue on both. I have tested the ram memory, the power supply, the graphics card... it's the motherboard. Someone told me that a chip on the motherboard have a thermoelectrical issue (it's sensible to temperature, sometime happens) it can work, but make that noise for a seconds-minutes until it get hot. Have this any solution ? (without removing the buzzer) Have anyone encountered this problem?

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    Not really

    Guess based on nothing, did you change power supply?I mean, I doubt it's HDD/Videocard or CPU related, so if you can hear that noise is coming from Mobo itself, could it be faulty Power supply?(it really is not based on any expereince or anything, never heard of this sort of problems)
    Also, the fact other MoBo failed, may point to faulty Power Supply.


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      Thanks for the reply. It was the first I thought, the power supply. Well, I will try it again, with another power supply, on next autumm. Now, the summer is comming, the sound has stopped.


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        I am sorry, couldn't hold myself, but i did laugh IRL. Whole situation with season...

        Also, ask in the autumn same question if issue not gone. Since it will be more obvious to observation. Try to literally pinpoint sound. Open the box itself. Is it coming from one place? From many? Is it mechanical sound? From rotating piece? High pitch sound? Did you disable video card and use built in one?(if there is one and you are not already using it)
        Do you have cool environment in winter? Could it be cooler starts to touch something? Some other rotating piece touching some loose cable?