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Any advice on issue with Llano based PC?

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  • Any advice on issue with Llano based PC?

    Hi folks,

    I've recently bought a new PC (to replace an Athlon XP 2500+ based machine) with the following specs:

    Asus F1A75-V Pro
    AMD A8-3850
    Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB kit (CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9 - it's on the QVL for my board, I checked)
    Crucial M4 (64GB - there's also a 1TB HDD I haven't got round to plugging in yet)
    Fractal Design Define R3 case
    OCZ ModXStream PSU (500w)

    I've installed everything into the case, connected it up, switched on. Everything powers on OK, lights come on, fans spin, it makes a tiny bit of noise.

    However, there is no signal going out to the monitor. I've tried D-Sub and DVI cables and get nothing. I saw some suggestion that it may be memory related so I've tried different configurations with these. Still nothing.

    The display works fine in my old PC using both cables, D-Sub also works on my netbook.

    My case comes with no speaker so I can't check the POST beeps at the moment. Going to get a speaker tomorrow if I can't find another solution.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Yeah, here's a suggestion: rip the speaker out of your 2500+ and use that. Or put an LED or VOLTMETER on the speaker pins.


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      I'd have done that if there'd been a speaker in it.

      Thankfully I resolved the issue by re-seating the APU.

      Next issue is that Chakra/Kubuntu (daily snapshot) both fail to mount the DVD drive during installation and give up. That is after completing the first part of booting from the DVD.

      Booting the Kubuntu install from USB (which I couldn't get Chakra to do) works if the SSD is plugged into a different SATA port (different controller - Asmedia 106x) until part way through the software package install then fails.

      I suspect an issue with the A75 SATA controller and Linux (3.0) on this particular board, although I have no idea why the installation fails to complete.