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Any AMD Llano laptops for sale in America that are known to work with Linux?

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  • Any AMD Llano laptops for sale in America that are known to work with Linux?


    I'm in search of a new laptop meeting the following criteria:

    Available in America
    Works properly with Linux
    AMD quad core Llano (45w quads preferred, but would accept 35w quad)
    15.6 or larger screen (17 inch strongly preferred)

    The best choices so for look to be a Toshiba L775/P775, and the HP dvWhatever, but the HP dvWhatever is known not to boot Linux properly due to the dual graphics. My current Toshiba laptop did not work under Linux in a Foxconn style sabotage(I participated in the bug reporting and workaround), so I'd prefer to vote with my wallet against Toshiba if possible.

    Does anybody have any ideas?

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    We have a winner:

    15.6, A6 quad core, 4gb ram, 6720 dual graphics (contrary to the listing, YMMV), and vastly cheaper than anything else of that spec, despite the premium components and construction.

    Runs Ubuntu 11.04 like a champ with Catalyst 11.04, seems to get north of 5 hours of battery life when idle, less when doing something.

    I'd like to give a shout out to the nice bloke at BestBuy who let me try my live CD.

    The only caveat: The entire Ubuntu install (from a CD) was incredibly slow, from start to finish, not sure why. It was very snappy once installed, though.


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      My work laptop bit the dust so I picked up an HP dv6 6110us. Everything works as expected: cpu throttling, webcam, suspend to RAM, suspend to disk, video, audio, HDMI, touchpad, and keyboard shortcuts. Battery life is surprisingly close to Win 7. The Hudson M series chipset seems to be pretty Linux friendly.


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        You mentioned you have a toshiba with problems in linux. I also have a toshiba (L300D) in which the fan stays off. Did you face the same issue ?
        If yes ,what workaround did you find?
        Toshiba did not update the insyde bios for my model to the latest version where it reportedly works so i m stuck with no fan.


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          Sorry,but I have no idea.