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    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    No, I don't agree with that one. It doesn't make sense to cap to 85, or to cap to anything. Because then you're not measuring speed, you're measuring the ability to reach the cap. And this is not what benchmarking is about. Benchmarking is there to tells us who is the fastest, not who can reach the cap. As an example, if a card reaches the 85 cap, but without it would go to 87, and another would go to 500, then that says a lot about which is the superior hardware/driver. It tells you which one is future proof. Today's 500FPS monster will be tomorrow's 85FPS cap reacher. Today's 85'er will be tomorrow's useless paper weight.
    Thats not what I'm saying, you don't need to scale the graph past that point just show that it goes off the chart and provide the FPS it pumped out. No more of this crap of having the be completely non standard, with lines at 27, 43 and 109.

    In other words, make them more human readable since allot of us skim through review pages as the text is usually canned and irrelevant if you've already read it a month before on a review of similar hardware. The entire point of the graphs should be data at a glance, else it's no more readable then a badly made spread sheet.


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      This is a good preview otherwise... Yes it's not a detailed review. More or less a summery of the capabilities of the product. Phoronix gives us the confidence that such product is at least LINUX tested... Not that it matters, but you get my point. It lets the world know that there are other people out there using the hardware on something other than windows. Maybe Phoronix could co-link (like a reference) to other sites that have trusted reviews on the hardware.

      Those guys at HardOCP / Hardware secrets / Overclockers tend to have more testing equipment. Co-linking to other sites would back up claims that Phoronix makes about specific hardware. Much like someone writing a thesis to earn a Phd would need to prove that what they say is not just jibber jabber sales hype. Phoronix could write a smaller run down review, and use citation to allow those hardcore readers to gain further information about the product they're interested in.

      Power supplies in themselves, have quite a extensive feature list. They've come a long way from the old AT designs. Even linking to say wiki might be a nice idea... As long as the articles don't become convoluted. The idea is that the article covers both grounds where those who want depth can get what they want. Yet those who just want a short summery can choose to read only what's important. Ie, is this product good ... Pro's / cons etc...


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        johhnyguru (& to a lesser extent badcaps) is by far the best resource I've come across on the net for PSU's news/reviews/discussion.
        Some of the aforementioned websites are also very good.