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    I never check CPU use with dual core But I can tell you Kanotix runs good from USB sticks. There are even highspeed sticks out there with 30 mb/s, standard ones are about 10-15 mb/s.


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      I have tried Puppy Linux off a USB drive. It works well enough on a lot of the newer PC's, but the boot can be problematic.

      I think the boot time is always a bit slow because initial loading of boot sectors are using usb 1.1 for maximum compatibility.

      The BIOS is often at fault. Some pc will boot from a fat32, some only fat16. Some will boot only if the drive has a MBR, some will only boot when the drive is formatted like a floppy. Some will boot only on cold start, etc.

      I also don't like to have an USB sticking out the side of the machine.

      It would be nice to be able to boot from Compact flash or SD, but only a few laptops (mostly tablets) have that capability.

      I would not use the flash for swap, it may burn out the card.


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        Well because of the more or less useless V Ready Boost feature you may even get USB sticks for direct motherboard connection. Why don't you try Kanotix on USB? Up to 2 GB you can run the "normal" live version - if you want with added packages and preloaded with 3d drivers. With 4 GB and more you can do a real hd install - in advanced mode when you change the hd0 grub entry to match the USB device. In both cases it uses full USB 2.0 speed to boot - just your device limits the speed. In case of installing 3d drivers in live mode using nvidia/fglrx cheatcodes these devices really work nice, because of the much lower seek time. The same is true for hd install from USB instead of a cd.


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          Originally posted by Svartalf View Post

          I'm eying one for myself to some of the same sorts of cute tricks with more modern machines.

          Let me know how the SATA version of the CF reader works compared to the IDE version. Perhaps I may make use of this as well in my own system for backup purposes


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            eSata USB combo

            Well it's been more than a year now. I thought some might like to know
            about an eSata USB pendrive I stumbled upon a few months back.



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              Thanks for the pictures, rlly !