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  • multi display touch-screen setup...

    you read that right--or did you?-- I am interested in installing 6 displays for my next build (ATI eyefinity 6). I am also interested in building said eye-candy using touch screens... here's the problem, I have found no information regarding weather or not this is even possible!!!

    as far as I know, touch basically emulate mouse movement and "click" where you touch (although I will admit I know absolutely nothing about touch screen other than I touch it and it reacts! :P ). what I'm concerned about is this; when you have two or more touch screens set up, can the PC identify the difference of WHERE I'm touch on one display relative to another?

    TL;DR - can I use 6 touch sensitive displays on one computer effectively or am I just dreaming?

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    I think you can do it. It's just like having multiple screens in windows. They detect as one screen and you access different parts of it. The only thing I would be worried about is how it is going to look because you have boundaries on the sides of the screens. The gaps might be annoying during emulation. Good luck on finding the right setup.