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  • Diy Tablet Pc

    hi everyone, finally signed up to the site

    ive been thinking of trying to make my own tablet pc just for fun
    but theres a few thing im not sure about such as cooling,and touchscreen

    havnt decided on any hardware yet but would love to hear anyones thoughts on the subject


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    Unfortunately, you are extremely unlikely to be able to accomplish anything that resembles a tablet... The components tend to be application specific, so you will actually need to buy a tablet and take it apart in order to get the pieces to put together into a tablet.


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      Originally posted by compactbrain View Post
      Thermo-pad or heat-pipe attached to outer, rear aluminum panel of the tablet.


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        i knew i wouldnt be able to get a perfect tablet but i was thinking something based on a via pico motherboard, ssd hard drive, and around a 10" touchscreen. that would all fit into a very small package, the main problem i see would be how to hook up a battery properly.

        extras like 3G and accelerometer can be added on through usb.

        if i was to ever do it my goal would be to have android running on it


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          Just buy a chinese one that comes with android for 100$.


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            i had a look at thoses chinese they arnt that powerful and theres no good reviews about them.

            i just think it would be fun to give it a try