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  • ASRock Vision 3D NetTop

    Phoronix: ASRock Vision 3D NetTop

    It's been nearly a decade since ASRock was spun off by ASUS as a new OEM vendor and over this time they have transformed themselves from being solely a manufacturer of low-cost, value-oriented motherboards and other products to offering more high-end and enthusiast-friendly products (such as the X58 SuperComputer and 880G Extreme 3). ASRock has also adapted to the market and has begun offering other products like low-power nettop computers. Last year we reviewed ASRock's ION 330 NetTop, which was their first, followed by the ION 330HT-BD, another Atom-based PC earlier this year. In August we then reviewed the ASRock Core 100HT, which was a nettop based upon a more powerful Core i3 processor, but with Intel integrated graphics. The latest nettop though to have been introduced by this Taiwan-based vendor is the Vision 3D NetTop, which incorporates a higher-end Intel Core processor while bringing NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M graphics for making a relatively high-end PC in a very small form factor.

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    Sorry how can you give this product an editors choice

    The main selling features - Bluray and 3D don't work under Linux yet

    You could buy a product at a fraction of the price that would perform just as well at the tasks the machine can do

    Couldn't you instead write an article slamming them sensationalist style for not giving decent Linux support


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      The CPU does not have turbo boost - why was it sometimes slower when OC'd?


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        Isn't there something wrong with some of the first charts? How can the cpu perform better at 2,4GHz than at 2,8GHz?
        I do like the form factor and it seems to offer decent performance, but the price tag is a little high. Compared to a mac mini the price starts to make sense though.


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          Too bad it carries such a hefty price tag. That's the problem with all these small systems, they all charge an arm and a leg for a system with moderate performance.


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            $1000 ?? Who do they think they are?

            Just kiss my A$$ man, my HTPC costs fraction of the price yet its better in every aspect beside the side. And when you are not constantly taking it everywhere with you (which seems lame and gay), who cares!


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              Originally posted by FunkyRider View Post
              $1000 ?? Who do they think they are?
              Hey that's an Uberly sophisticated remote control you know. That at least adds another 300 to the price tag. :P


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                Your paying for the form factor

                To get this level of performance into such a small form factor, they used laptop components (CPU, GPU and probably memory) which cost significantly more than desktops components, and this cost is passed on to the buyer. A larger mini-tower system could use a hotter running and cheaper CPU and GPU. If performance/dollar is you main concern, the a mini-tower or larger system will better match your needs than any small form factor system. If you need or want a SFF you'll have to pay extra for it.