Does anyone with a 1-1,5 max old machine have "stereo, btw mono mix" in alsa mixer?
I mean, the option that allows you to capture "what you hear"?

It was so useful when I heard some music in the flash game and the name was no where specified or I wanted to have logs of webcam-talk,.. its seems to be gone! I have realtek ALC889A chip and im pretty sure it was available on every sound card I had in linux, starting from sb128 and up. Even p43 based via chip was able to do it, now its gone!

After searching 2 hrs for symptoms on g, this is what I found:

Why are they not marking the mb box with "this card was cut down in features, so you can only consume, but not make"?

Well, thanks microcrap.
Not that I await anything good or useful from them.

Now I think about buying external sound card that can do this(and has midi port, so I can use my dusty midi keyboard in some day).