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  • Anyone Have Mouse Recommendations

    I'm considering getting a new mouse for work to replace the cheapest mouse we could find at officemax. It will be used under Linux with Compiz and KDE for mostly web surfing, konsole (terminal), and some occasional office use. Most of the reviews I'm seeing place a lot of weight on FPS games (which I play once a decade or so) and Windows features (an OS which I wish would die), so they aren't much use.

    I'm currently liking my MX Revolution at home, though I do miss the shape of my old Logitech MouseMan Wheel (link to someone's picture) from 1998 that it replaced. To me, the coolest features are having an extra thumb button usable for cube rotation and having a free spinning scroll wheel (I don't bother with speed based switching; the default click to change ruins middle click and makes the mouse worthless).

    Anyone have any recommendations for other mice for me to consider purchasing? Does anyone else beside Logitech even build a scroll wheel that will zip through 100 pages with a single flick? I'd like to open myself up to more options than just Logitech, but if no one has the scroll wheel, I may be stuck there.