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    I have a beefy server/workstation in need of a few part replacements/upgrades, looking for recommendations. Lets get the obvious out of the way: I run Linux and its staying that way (on this box). I'm thinking about building a NAS system using OpenSolaris, but that is a project for another day.

    My current specs:
    Dual LGA1366 Xeon E5520 Quads , HT
    7GB RAM (5CH; CPU0 :3x1GB; CPU1: 2x2GB; NUMA via QPI)
    Boot part on a 32GB SSD; Home on a nearly full 1.5TB drive; web server directories ~60% of 2TB used
    2x EVGA GTX 260s; 1x EVGA GTX 470

    I've spent alot of time and effort into making the video portion bulletproof and other than KDE4 hating on my additional monitors it has turned into a really nice setup.

    When I built this guy I hit a budget wall and was only able to grab 3GB of RAM. After another paycheck I slapped another 4GB in there to give the other processor some (one had all the memory, the other had none, so it had to use the QPI), but it was meant to be a temporary solution. I never got around to replacing the RAM with a good six chip kit. More RAM is definitely in order, as the web server will eat the 7GB for breakfast.

    On the other side, I have the 32GB SSD I bought a while back, which from time to time seems like it is failing hardcore, has lost its performance edge both to newer SSDs and compared to itself when I first bought it. This decaying drive is probably a key performance killer, likely brings me more trouble than I'm aware of, and I'm getting tired of my logs being filled with

    [1614067.011724] sd 5:0:1:0: [sdc] Add. Sense: ATA pass through information available
    [1614067.036814] sd 5:0:2:0: [sdd] Sense Key : Recovered Error [current] [descriptor]
    [1614067.036823] Descriptor sense data with sense descriptors (in hex):
    [1614067.036827]         72 01 00 1d 00 00 00 0e 09 0c 00 00 00 00 00 00 
    [1614067.036837]         00 4f 00 c2 40 50

    I'm thinking of doing one of the following because I don't want this box to turn into an out of control expense that comes every paycheck. I want to emphasize long term benefits.

    Any recommendations? Particularly from those with server hardware experience would be great.

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    Update on this, currently waiting on an RMA for this board. A faulty USB hub shorted the freakin board, and the board then electrified my case. I'm hoping it didn't toast my $400 CPUs too.

    I'll probably go with 2 or 4 SSDs. I need to grab one for the micro rig I'm using now anyway, I'll treat that as an opportunity to review the Vertex II/ Agility II.