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This is my first post!

I'd like to know if the ALSA driver for the Asus Xonar Essence ST (PCI) is advanced as the one for the STX (PCI-E) version. According to the ALSA website, the PCI version has had driver support since ALSA 1.0.22 (this is the version of ALSA in Ubuntu 10.04 which I will be using) while the one for the STX (PCI-E version) has been available since ALSA 1.0.20 or kernel 2.6.30. In particular does the ST driver have the features desribed here:


Does the the ST driver have the ability to choose headphone impedance, the ability to switch the DAC from a sharp to slow roll-off, and also alter the oversampling rate from 64x to 128x?