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HTPC Chassis for Linux use - Antec Fusion or other?

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  • HTPC Chassis for Linux use - Antec Fusion or other?

    Hello all. I thought this may be the place to ask about compatibility for HomeTheater PC cases. I'm planning to build a HTPC and some of the cases that catch my eye include the Antec Fusion Black and Fusion Max series. These cases include a Soundgraph iMon VFD and IR reciever, as well as a remote control. If I buy this, I'll want to get these working in Linux of course, using a MythTV, XBMC or Boxee install. I've seen conflicting reports of opposite polarity about this hardware - some say it works easily in Linux, others say it is impossible. Anyone know? Can anyone suggest a HTPC case w/display and/or remote control that "just works" with Linux?


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    I doubt either is "just works", seeing as remote controls and usb lcd's aren't exactly commodity hardware shipping in every PC.

    But if the lcd is supported in one of the apps like lcdproc/lcd4linux, and the 'mote in lirc, it's likely a case of quick install & configuration.


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      As for a quick googling of the Fusion Black, lirc supports the remote, and lcdproc is just a patch away.


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        Well scratch that, no patch needed for lcdproc either.


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          See, that was the kind of confusion I've been seeing on various forums when I googled around. Notes from 2007 and 2008 with the idea that stuff should be completed "soon" or workarounds that were never quite finished. So I can assume that as of 07/2010 all of this stuff has been mainlined into the LIRC and lcdproc packages? If that's the case all is well. Thanks.!


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            What really bugs me about these htpc cases is that they are styled to look like a RADIO. What's the deal with the KNOB!!!???!?!? If its a computer, why try to make it look like a RADIO?