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  • FC Disk Array support

    We have a Sun StorEdge 3511 disk array that we were given from another company. We are needing to rebuild the machine that it is installed on, installing SLES 10 (don't want to update other systems), but the documentation says it only supports SLES 8 and 9.

    The disk array has raid controllers onboard and provides a fiber channel interface to the drives. Unfortunately, I don't know much about how fiber channel works. Aside from drivers for the FC card, is there any software I will need to be able to see the disks on the OS? Would it be possible to load the empty drive bays with our own 1-2TB drives? Does anyone know if it's possible to run the array configuration software on a newer version of Linux? All I've found is that it requires java for at least some of it, and the packages are given as rpm's.