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SilverStone's Linux Results For The HDDBOOST

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  • SilverStone's Linux Results For The HDDBOOST

    Phoronix: SilverStone's Linux Results For The HDDBOOST

    Back in April we reviewed the SilverStone HDDBOOST, which was a unique device that allows a solid-state drive to be combined with a traditional hard-drive to create a "virtual super storage solution" whereby SSD transfer speeds are enabled on the host hard drive while the write times to the SSD are reduced. Unfortunately, we were not able to get this unique contraption working well under Ubuntu Linux even though theoretically it should work just fine. However, SilverStone seems to have the device working within their labs and it is producing some interesting results.

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    I'm pretty sure an additional hard-drive and a Raid 0 or Raid 10 configuration would yield higher performance yields compared the HDDBOOST-combination, and at a lower price-point as well.