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Tracking Trends In Linux Software / Hardware

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  • Tracking Trends In Linux Software / Hardware

    Phoronix: Tracking Trends In Linux Software / Hardware

    A month ago we began reporting some Linux hardware statistics from those Phoronix Test Suite users that utilize Phoronix Global for uploading their test results publicly so that they can share their benchmark scores with others and make it very easy for their friends or colleagues to compare their performance numbers via the Internet. In an effort to better track such hardware / software statistical information of the installed Linux base (as well as for other operating systems where the Phoronix Test Suite is supported), we are rolling out a new feature to expand upon this information...

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    I hope the search option gets improved because as it is now it's almost useless. It only returns anything if I input the exact string (or a substring) that identifies the component I'm looking for. If I search for "core i5-750", or "core i5 750" or even "core 750", which are the options most users will be using to find the said processor, it doesn't return any results! How are we supposed to know the exact string that the CPU uses to identify itself? This is the only thing I want working in the newer version, anything extra are just bonuses