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    The ASUS board you mentioned is here I hope to test it out with Feisty final tomorrow.
    Michael Larabel


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      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for this Michael, I would probably buy with less fear :-) next week (or not, we'll see).




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        I just purchased this board to replace a motherboard. I have been pretty pleased with it thus far.

        There was a question about the intel-hda audio. I run Debian unstable, and version 1.0.13-5 of alsa-base is working just fine for me. I didn't try to test it prior to upgrading to unstable.

        I have had a couple of minor problems, that I have not been able to determine if it is problems with the motherboard or drivers. My current issues are,

        1) the secondary IDE is having DMA timeouts, I have a DVD+/-RW(master) and a CD-RW (slave) on this channel. Both show the same symptoms. However, I have 2 other HDDs on the primary IDE channel and they are not having issues. (Note: I tried an intel 965 board prior to the Asus P5N-E SLI and it was showing the same problems. So I am still trying to ascertain if it is my problem or not)

        2) hwclock scripts seem to want the option --forceisa to work correctly. I am getting select timeouts with hwclock --show

        3) The IEEE 1394 port was detected as ethernet over firewire, but seems to not be configured correctly.

        Things that worked right out of the box.

        1) The SATA drives are happy and working just great.

        2) I put a Nvidia 7300 GT in it, and it is working without problems with the latest binary blob from NVIDIA.

        3) The forcedeth driver got my network port up and running with out problems.

        4) I killed my floppy drive while upgrading the motherboard (note to self, don't place drive on edge of desk while working). I wanted to try the newer bios from ASUS to see if any of my above problems changed, but most bios upgrade guides assume you have a floppy drive. However, I was able to format an old 256MB flash stick, make it bootable and installed freedos so that I could upgrade the BIOS. The EZ Flash program in the BIOS could see my flash stick and read it, but when I tried to load the BIOS it whined that I was downgrading and wouldn't let me.

        Still looking forward to the official review though, I may learn a thing or two.


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          Just a follow up from my last post.

          I determined that the DMA timeouts on my CD/DVD drives were being caused by the IDE connector on the mother board. Over the last couple of nights I have pulled both drives out and tried them in a couple of other machines, and they worked like a charm. So I finally concluded that my cable was bad. The ASUS P5N-E SLI board has its PATA connector mounted at 90 degrees to the motherboard. After removing my hard drive cage, I noticed that one of the pins on the connector was bent out funny. I pulled the cable and could see that the pin had been shoved backward and was not connecting at all. So a pair of pliers to squeeze it back into place did the trick. Now my drives are working just fine.

          Outstanding issues:

          1) The firewire port is still giving me grief. so I disabled it. (I really don't have any pressing need to use it right now). Now that the drives are working, I will look at it.

          2) The RTC chip still times out on a select(). Using --directisa seems to make it work.

          Both of these are minor issues in my book. So now that I have it up and running. Does anyone else have any questions?

          Still looking forward to the review.


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            The P5N-E SLI is a TERRIFIC board. You can expect the review in early May, and the testing process isn't yet fully completed but right now if nothing else comes up, it will receive the Phoronix seal of approval.
            Michael Larabel


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              Real life great mobo

              Originally posted by Michael View Post
              The P5N-E SLI is a TERRIFIC board. You can expect the review in early May, and the testing process isn't yet fully completed but right now if nothing else comes up, it will receive the Phoronix seal of approval.
              That's true Michael, I've just read your review published this day and I can tell the world that this motherboard is really good. We've just received+build+configure :
              Asus P5N E SLI
              Intel duo core 6320
              2 seagate 80GB RAID 1 (with mdadm fake raid)
              Asus EN 7600 GT silent 256MB
              Acer 2216W LCD
              2 GB G-skill cas 4 pc 6400 dual channel
              Antec sonata box

              + Ubuntu Feisty fawn (installed with alternate CD if you want to configure raid)
              Everything (at the moment) is working like a F-18 hornet. Haven't tried everything (like mics + sound card etc. don't really care by now...) but for a production environment (I mean real work here ;-) ) it's pretty good. Does anybody uses win** OS anymore ? (joking )
              Apart, we still have issues with X server and acer LCD 2216W wide screen whether we use nv or nvidia or even strange option in the xorg.conf, screen isn't really so good with ubuntu feisty.

              Thanks for your good advices.