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UPS Recommendations for Linux?

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  • Cyrcle
    started a topic UPS Recommendations for Linux?

    UPS Recommendations for Linux?

    Can some folks give me recommendations for what brand and/or model of Uninterruptable Power Supply to get for use on my new Linux machine? I'm a Linux newbie.

    I've chosen components to keep power usage down, so even with two LED-backlit monitors the system should pull less than 200 watts maxed out. I should probably go with a UPS rated around 500VA to take care of any extra future stuff.


  • kbios
    I use Belkin UPSs since 2006 and they work quite well. I have 3 650VA models and they provide up to about 500W.

    A suggestion: do not use the software that comes with the UPS, whatever brand you choose. Even if there is a native linux version (Belkin has one), it will probably be
    a) 32-bit only
    b) closed source
    c) compatible only with certain kernels/distributions
    d) of course, compatible only with one brand

    Instead, try a project like NUT (, which supports most UPSs out there, allows mixing different brands and provides an uniform interface to other programs and to the users. It even allows sharing and controlling UPSs in a LAN or via the Internet.

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  • fnargh
    I have used APC UPSs before, on Linux and Windows (...a long time ago, honest) and
    • they tend to be reliable, until the batteries eventually die, and then replacing the batteries tends to be a bit of a pain (but maybe newer models are better)
    • they run a bit warm (but maybe newer models are better)
    • there tend to be a lot of config settings, and while configuration is simple, you have to check (test) that you don't have incompatible settings, so that the the UPS shuts down more quickly than it should
    • they are not the cheapest

    Out of those points, the last would be the main sticking point for me. Well, ideally I'd check whether the batteries are user-replaceable and whether the manufacturer supplies a guide for doing that on any UPS (replacement batteries tend to be expensive from the OEM, but third party ones tend to be rather cheaper).

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