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    I have noticed that there are no SSD reviews (at least not recently). Are there any plans to include SSD reviews for Linux. There are a lot of SSD reviews on the interner but I couldn't find any that cover Linux support.


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    I'd be interested in this too.. For my next setup I'm thinking of going for a ~64gb SSD for my OS and a 1 TB HDD for /home

    I hear btrfs is more suited to SSDs also?

    I think something even nicer than more benchmarks would be a "Phoronix guide to SSDs and Linux" =]


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      I would also like to see a guide for SSDs on Linux.

      Here are examples of things I would like to know:

      I understand TRIM support was introduced into Linux in kernel 2.6.33. Are there any asterisks to that? I assume the SSD itself must support TRIM, but does it matter which filesystem I use or anything like that?

      What about SSD for hardware RAID? I would like to consider sticking two small drives on a hardware RAID controller (3Ware, for example) for my OS isntallation, and then have a larger drive for data. Does the TRIM support work in that situation? Does the RAID card have to support TRIM, and does it?

      I understand that if I use an SSD for the OS, I ought to reduce swapping. I could load up on RAM; are there other things I can or should do?

      The large capacity (1-2 TB) SSD units with a PCI-express interface interest me for data. Is TRIM support relevant to these devices? Are there other reasons why these might not be suitable for my purposes? They run up in the thousands of dollars, which sounds expensive compared to a single hard drive, but when compared to a RAID unit with redundant controllers and power supplies, it's not that obscene.

      So these are the sorts of questions I have, SSD is a new thing, and I want to know the basic guidelines, which are different for Linux than they would be for Windows.


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        One more question: so SSD's have a limited number of read/write cycles. Some SSD manufacturers list MTBF times of 1 million hours or more. How serious is the wearing out rpoblem for various kinds of use, and are the MTBF ratings in any way realistic?


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          Phoronix has reviewed more SSDs than regular hard drives... Actually, that is a complaint in another thread...


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