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  • sata setup question

    Hey there, a thought crossed my mind earlier today and no i would like to know if it would work. I have a Asus P5N-T deluxe mother board with 6 sata 2.0 ports + 1 raid sata. This raid sata should a normal sata if not used for a raid setup, right? so could i use it to connect my optical drive on it so i can free one of the 6 ports for a new HDD?

    thanks in advance

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    still no suggestions?


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      read the specs again. The way I read it, the mobo has 6 SATA ports, 1 eSATA-port and 1 IDE port. That's 6 internal SATA ports for you to use.

      ignore the RAID stuff, that's usually some software raid emulated by the drivers, linux won't even know it's meant to be a raid system.