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  • SilverStone Fortress FT02

    Phoronix: SilverStone Fortress FT02

    Back in November we reviewed the SilverStone Raven RV02 and found it to be an amazing computer case. It finally was superior to the Temjin TJ10 that was a favorite for years, but now SilverStone has pushed the limits of their designs and innovation even further. We now have our hands on the SilverStone Fortress FT02, which does inherit some traits from the Raven chassis, but it is simply one amazing enclosure. The Fortress FT02 may cost more than $200 USD, but read on to learn more about this exceptionally designed ATX / SSI CEB chassis.

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    This is the most beautiful case I've seen since the macpro (no, I'm not a mac fan, but their cases are pretty). Most big cases are ugly to me, but this one looks great. I'm more into small form factors these days, but for a workstation like the one pictured it would be awesome. Really impressive.


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      Originally posted by devius View Post
      This is the most beautiful case I've seen since the macpro (no, I'm not a mac fan, but their cases are pretty).
      Exactly my thoughts.


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        Not a big fan of these fancy pants type cases. More of a DIY type of guy (would rather buy a cheap ass $40 case and go crazy with the drill ), but this case looks superb. Very "conservative" looking with none of those cheap looks many cases have nowadays.


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          I hear all the comments made here. Love building my own systems, and currently have the Antec P182, which overall isn't bad at all.

          The place I work at has 2 Mac Pro's and I always liked their cases. I always wondered why there was no one making something similar. Seriously, there seemed to be no end to all these ugly cases for PC. When I saw this one I though "Finally!". It looks very nice and seems to be very functional too.

          But as much as I like it, I still think the side window should be optional (a switch out plate or something). I don't like side windows (thus my choice of the P182), since I am minimalist.


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            What about car stereos?

            That all being said, I feel the same way about the current car stereos being made. Isn't there any that have features (like bluetooth, etc.) without looky gaudy. Seeesh.


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              It looks pretty, and I'm sure it keeps the system cool and quiet, but...

              I would have severe misgivings about having the main air-intake on the bottom of my case. Dust is enough of a problem, without sucking in air from a surface.


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                Yeah, the side window ruins it for me too. However, it looks like they produce versions with just a solid side panel (i.e. drop the "-W" from the model number).