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Steelseries Merc in Ubuntu 9.10/Fedora 12

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  • Steelseries Merc in Ubuntu 9.10/Fedora 12

    Alright, here I am finally getting around to registering and posting here in the Phoronix forums.

    My issue is that I recently bought a Steelseries Merc after my last keyboard died. It's cheap, and very well made, but I have 2 major issues that I can not figure out.

    1. The gaming pad on the left does not respond, although the media keys and 1-11 keys work.

    2. My 10 key number pad also doesn't work as it should. Regardless if the numlock is on or not, I can't use numbers, it acts as if numlock is not even enabled. The other functions, such as home, pg up, pg dn, etc all work though.

    Has anyone else had any experience with this board? Did you get it to work in a distro and if so, how?

    BTW, I even tried Mr.Pig's workaround and have had no such luck getting my own .config files working. It works on some of the newer Zboard Merc's, but apparently not mine and he hasn't updated it since 2008.

    Here it is.

    The good news, it's very quiet, and is very enjoyable to type on.